Watch out for this.

Strokes are responsible for around 800,000 deaths in the United States per year. Experts recommend individuals watch their diet and exercise regularly to reduce the chances of getting one. Now experts recommend people watch how they sleep.

A new study taken with 529 patients discovered that obstructive sleep apnea can triple ones chances of having a stroke. This is due to the brain developing white matter hyperintensities because of the sleep apnea. WMH’s are lesions found in the brain that increase the likelihood of certain cardiovascular and cerebral conditions.

In a separate study, WMH’s were found to triple the chances of getting a stroke. Furthermore, these WMH’s are also linked to cognitive decline. Alzheimer’s disease is reportedly to be more common in those who have developed more WMH’s rather than those who have not. WMH’s are also reportedly more common in older adults rather than younger adults.

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