Here’s what you need to know.

ringing ears can dampen everyday activities and make life more difficult for people. There are many ways and techniques to help calm and stop ringing ears in adults. Here are the best ways to rid of ringing ears.

Although it is mostly unknown, there are ways to instantly ease or get rid of ringing ears. Turning on a fan can instantly get rid of ones ringing ears. This is due to the fan’s noise offsetting the ringing in a person’s ears. Another way to instantly ease ringing ears is by listening to pink or white noise. Researchers have stated that listening to the sound is very effective at canceling out ringing ears in adults.

For more longterm relief, researchers found that melatonin helps with ringing ears that keep people up at night. The research found that those who took 3mg of melatonin before going to bed reduced the ringing by about 40%. Also, dimming the lights for about two hours will reduce the ringing even more.

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