Here’s what you can do!

In most cases, leg numbness isn’t a very serious issue but can become quite bothersome if you are constantly being affected by it.

If the problem does become excessive, you should reach out to your doctor.

Here is what you can do thanks to Wikihow to prevent leg numbness:

First, figure out why it is happening

People often suffer from medical problems but do not take the time to consider what they are doing to cause it. If you are constantly sitting with your legs crossed, it might be a sign to stop crossing your legs for extended periods of time.

Regularly massage your feet and legs

Gently begin massaging your legs and add more pressure as you feel appropriate for 5-10 minutes of the numbness becomes to bothersome.

Wear loose clothing

You could be cutting off or limiting the blood supply to your legs and lower body by wearing clothes that are too tight fitting. Wear looser pants and belts and don’t forget to not tie your shoes too tightly.

Move around more

Whether your constantly shift your seated position or you stand up and walk for a few minutes it is a good idea not to stay seated for too long and regularly stay moving.