Watch out for this.

bananas are a part of many people’s diets. They provide the necessary amount of nutrition that a person may need. However, eating bananas daily or too much for the person’s body can have negative side effects.

Eating too many banana’s can increase a person’s likely hood of developing diabetes. This is due to bananas being rich in carbohydrates which can spike a person’s blood sugar levels. A person with diabetes should monitor their banana intake and lean towards physical activity after eating a certain amount. Daily consumption of bananas could also lead to this as well.

Bananas also have a lot of potassium in them. This is mostly beneficial, but it can lead to kidney disease if a person has a hard time processing the potassium. Eating a banana every day with kidney disease could be harmful as the potassium builds up in the body.

Although there are many beneficial side effects that a banana could provide, many should be weary and consider the amount that they are taking before it can lead to some of these negative side effects.

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