Worry no more!

A bad stomach ulcer can ruin a good night of sleep and as a result, ruin the entire next day.

Here is what you need to do thanks to Wikihow to sleep peacefully with a stomach ulcer:

Have a good sleeping position

Try to sleep on your back with a fluffy pillow to keep your head elevated. When you sleep with your head elevated, the acid in your stomach will bother the ulcer less and gives you a better night of sleep. Sadly, if the stomach ulcer is in a bad place this technique might not help but it is worth a try!

Sleep on the left side if you are a side sleeper

If you cannot sleep on your back try to sleep on the left side rather than your right because of the way our digestive system is built. Sleeping on the left side will decrease compression internally.

DO NOT Sleep on your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach is the absolute worst think someone with a stomach ulcer can do because of the strong compression that is being places on your stomach when you do.