Here’s what you need to know.

As people age, preserving memory is important for mental health. Having a good memory as one ages is beneficial to mental health and can slow down the onset of mental decline and other mental health risk factors. Here’s the easiest way to preserve memory and mental health.

Recent studies have shown that taking a 90 minute nap per day while the sun is up can increase motor functions, improve memory, and keep the mind sharp for the rest of the day. The research was taken with participants having to complete a difficult task. Some of the participants were allowed this nap while others were not.

The study showed that those who took the nap before the task began completed the task with ease and those who were not able to take the nap did not finish the task. The researchers stated that taking a 90 minute nap per day can significantly change short term and long term health and can drastically improve memory and core functions of the brain.

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