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Guava is a sweet and savory fruit that carries a lot of health benefits that mostly go unknown. This fruit can help the body in many ways, this includes helping the body with blood sugar levels, boosting heart health, and even losing weight.

When trying to lose weight, one should try adding guava into their diet. There is only 37 calories in one guava which is great for losing weight and can be incorporated into many diets. This is also a great source of Vitamin-C with carrying 125 milligrams in one guava which is twice as much than an orange. The Vitamin-C will help the body with the immune system while the rest of the fruit will help keep muscles strong and help the body lose weight.

A study found that the leaves from guava can also help the heart against free radicals while keeping blood sugar at a healthy level. Research showed that eating a rip guava before meals can lower blood pressure numbers by about 8-9 points. Guava and the leaves is a great way to lose weight and also help the body in a number of different ways.

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