Here’s everything you need to know.

Sleep is a very important part of someones life. Without a good amount of sleep, a person is prone to many diseases due to the body being restless. Now, experts say that this sleeping position can do more harm than good. Stay away from this sleeping position.

Experts have stated that sleeping on the stomach can lead to many negative side-effects and that all who sleep like this should stop immediately. Sleeping on the stomach causes the spine to curve which causes it to take a lot of pressure that can effect the bones and joints. It also forces the neck to turn which can cause upper neck and back pain.

Rather than sleeping on the stomach, it is far better to sleep on the side of the body. It can help with blood flow, reduces snoring, and is great for reducing back, neck, and hip pain. When sleeping on the side, experts recommend that one puts a pillow between the legs to help prevent the hip from twisting during the night.