Here’s what you need to know.

Aspirin provides many benefits to the body. It can improve a person’s intake of certain minerals, it can also directly counter certain health issues as well. Although the drug seems rather harmless to the body, experts recommend that many individuals that fit into this one category should stop taking aspirin.

Experts have recently stated that anyone who is above 70 should stop taking aspirin. A recent study showed that many people who take aspirin daily did not need to take them. This forced new guidelines for daily aspirin. The guideline states that those above 70 who are in no need to take any sort of daily aspirin should not even if it is for preventative purposes.

This new guideline was made after research showed that many of those who took daily aspirin above the age of 70 had a higher risk of internal bleeding caused by the buildup of certain minerals that the aspirin includes. It also showed an increase for bruising. Taking daily aspirin has these side-effects due to the blood-thinning nature of the drug.

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