Here’s what it is.

With Alzheimer’s being one of the most serious issues in senior citizens, many have been searching for ways to prevent this disease. This could include many exercises, activities, and even diets. Researchers have found a new way to help elderly Americans prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s.

Pennsylvania State University scientists found that deep sleep can significantly improve ones chances of preventing Alzheimer’s. This is due to deep sleep helping the body excrete toxic proteins related to Alzheimer’s disease. To improve the chances of getting deep sleep, experts recommend one changes their diet to something that has probiotic, prebiotic, and fermented foods.

More research has showed that sleep deprivation can increase the chances of one developing Alzheimer’s in the future. This is due to the main cause of the disease is the buildup of proteins amyloid-β. This buildup starts 10-20 years prior to the first official diagnosis.