Try this and see if it works.

For everyone working a typical 9-5 in America, most already know by now that coffee is king.

People can’t start their day without it and enjoy sipping on a nice cup of coffee or some other form of caffeine to stay energized throughout the day.

For some of us though, we are trying our best to avoid coffee and caffeinated drinks for a number of reasons such as health and even a disrupted sleep cycle.

If you want to ditch the caffeinated beverages while also staying focused and alert throughout the day, here are some tips from Life Hacker:

  • Cut down on carbs and stay hydrated – To avoid that tired feeling avoid carbs as much as possible and stick to a high protein diet.
  • Stand while working – This goes without explanation, people who stand more often feel less lethargic.
  • Chew mint gum or peppermints – the minty flavor aids in fighting off tiredness.
  • Stay off the phone late at night – This is a habit that many of us can’t seem to avoid. We scroll for hours through social media before bed and will leave us tired and ineffective the next day.
  • Move for 15 minutes – Go for a quick walk outside on your break or even choose to take the stairs whenever possible.

If you feel like you are dealing with excessive tiredness throughout the workday, it may be time to speak to your doctor for more specific advice. Good luck and stay sharp!

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