Here are some quick tips…

This summer has been excessively hot and many Americans are struggling to stay cool.

Sadly, heatstroke kills hundreds of people every year in the United States. So, to avoid the possibility of any heat related injuries this summer here are some very important tips to help you cool off if you have to be out in the sun:

  1. Place a cold wet cloth or towel around the back of your neck – This is a very good way to keep your core body cool in the heat and all you need to do is wet the towel again when dry.
  2. Run cold water through your hair – This also keeps your body temperature cool and can be done as much as needed.
  3. Keep windows and curtains closed – If the weather outside is extremely hot, it’s going to be hard to keep house cool even with air conditioning. Keep the sunlight out as much as possible.
  4. Open or slightly crack open your windows at night – Even on hot summer days the night tends to get really cool quickly. To let hot air quickly escape from being trapped in the house, crack open the windows.
  5. Wear loose fitting clothes – This is encourage more airflow around your body and helps dissipate the heat trapped close to you.
  6. Drink lots of water – We lose a lot of our bodily fluids when out in the heat. Make sure to keep yourself well hydrate to avoid any health injuries.

Good luck and stay cool!

* Additional Disclaimer: All content provided by this newsletter is for informational and educational purposes only and is not meant to represent trade, investment, or healthcare recommendations.