This is shocking.

Vision loss is very common in aging adults. There are many ways to treat this with the most common way being wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses. A very simple and easy way to help with age related vision loss is this eye exercise.

Experts recommend that people who are looking at screens for an extended amount of time should pause every 20 minutes and stare at something that is around 20 feet away from the person for about 20 seconds. They also recommend that a person blinks during this to prevent dry eyes and irritation. This simple exercise gives the eyes a much needed break from the blue light exposure a person has throughout the day.

Even though this exercise will help with vision loss, experts also recommend that a person should take frequent breaks from their screens to do other activities that do not strain the eye. They also recommend that a person should work on their daily habits to avoid more screen-time to help maintain good eye health.

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