Who would have thought!

There are a million remedies on the internet which claim that they can “reverse” aging. Sadly, most of these tips and tricks are likely not true.

But did you know you can actively take steps now to slow down your aging process and stay looking younger for longer?

Here are some drinks to avoid if you want to stay looking younger for longer thanks to Eat This:

Soft Drinks

Soda and other similar soft drinks are full of sugar. Excessive sugar has been known to age people faster.

Sweet Tea

Similar to soda, sweat tea is loaded with sugar and can also lead to excessive aging and heart disease.

Fruity Drinks

Fruity drinks often trick people into making them believe it is a healthy substitute to water. This is not the case because they also contain high amounts of sugar. It is important to under the difference between “fruity” drinks which as artificially flavored and actual drinks which contain juices derived from real fruit.


While most alcohol does not contain much sugar, it can still age you more rapidly than not drinking it. Alcohol causes a dehydration affect on the human body and will result in your skin looking more aged than normal.