Your heart health should be your top concern especially as you get older. Having a healthy can take a lot of work to maintain but it is without a doubt something you should consider.

The folks over at Eat This sat down with registered dietitian nutritionist Rebekah Blakely and asked what the best supplement was for heart health.

Blakely said, “Good nutrition and lifestyle habits play important roles in maintaining a healthy, functioning heart muscle. When your body’s daily needs cannot be met, or deficiencies occur, a dietary supplement may be able to help fill in the gap.”

Blakely recommended Americans to take magnesium to support a healthy heart.

“Magnesium works alongside calcium to contract and relax the heart muscle, creating a healthy heartbeat,” said Blakely. “Magnesium has a relaxing effect on both muscles and blood vessels, and therefore also plays a role in maintaining healthy blood pressure. And low magnesium levels have even been associated with increased mortality rates, including from cardiovascular causes.”

 the National Institutes of Health recommends 420mg for men and 320mg for women.

Speak to your doctor before starting magnesium.

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