Here are the quick fixes you need!

If you have ever suffered from swollen or irritated taste buds, you know how annoying the problem can be. It can happen by burning your tongue on hot foods, eating something too spicy, having allergies, and dry mouth.

Here’s what you need to do according to Wikihow to remedy the problem:

Place an ice cube on your tongue

Just like placing an ice bag on your ankle or shoulder if it hurts, you can place an ice cube on your tongue and let it melt to help decrease inflammation.

Gargle with salt water twice daily

Mix warm/hot water with a tablespoon of salt and begin to swish and gargle for as long as you can and then spit. You can repeat as needed.

If pain is moderate, take a painkiller

taking an anti-inflammatory can greatly help ease the pain of swollen taste buds. Follow the dosage instructions on painkillers such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and paracetamol.

Avoid spicy foods

Spicy and acidic foods will only make your swollen and inflamed taste buds worse. Try to avoid spicy foods all together if you often suffer from swollen tasted bud.

Eat “smooth” foods

Eat foods that will not further irritate swollen taste buds. Things like ice cream, yogurt, and smoothies will help heal your tongue. Crunchy and hard foods will only further irritate your tongue.

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