Back sleepers take the crown for best sleeping position.

While a majority of Americans sleep on their side, evidence seems to suggest that those who sleep on their backs gain the best benefits!

Here are some surprising advantages to back sleeping thanks to Healthline:

Possible reduction of back and neck pain

Sleeping on your back can reduce pressure on your spine. Some studies have suggested that sleeping on your back resulted in less overall back and body pain.

Improved breathing

Unlike sleeping your side and stomach, sleeping on your back reduces the amount of pressure on your diaphragm and this helps promote easier breathing.

Reduces acne

When you sleep in your back, your face comes into less contact with pillows and that mean clearer skin!

Reduces wrinkles

While reducing acne, you will also reduce wrinkles when you sleep on your back because your face is not getting pulled or irritated when you sleep. When sleeping on your back your face avoid any contact with pillows and sheets.

Reduce sinuses

When you sleep on back with a pillow under your head, your head gets elevated. This in turn reduces congestions and prevents the nasal passages from getting clogged.

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