Hate having brain fog? Do this!

Medical experts don’t recognize “brain fog” as a real medical ailment however everyone understands the term as having poor memory, inability to concentrate, inability to process information, fatigue, and scattered thoughts.

Here is what you need to take according to Healthline to prevent having brain fog:

Vitamin D

Some studies have shown signs of vitamin D fighting brain fog. Vitamin D helps with memory, concentration, and mood and might be able to prevent brain fog.


Studies suggest that people who take omega-3 supplements tend to have less brain fog than those who don’t.


It is possible that having low levels of magnesium can contribute to brain fog and have a negative impact on brain health. People with low magnesium levels tend to be overly stressed or are more easily stressed out than others.

Vitamin C

It is imperative to have good levels of vitamin C in your body if you want to maintain health brain function and prevent possibilities of brain fog.

If you feel like brain fog affects you constantly, it would be wise to reach out to your doctor to further discuss other treatment methods.

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