Sitting for too long isn’t good for us.

Whether we are young or old, something too many people in America don’t realize is sitting for too long is not good for our health.

Here are some tips from Wikihow to help you prevent damage to your health from sitting too long.

  1. Remember to stand up every hour – Whether your set an alarm on your phone or some other method, make sure to get up and walk around every hour to prevent health problems.
  2. Stretch after waking up – Start stretching immediately after you wake up. This will put your body in an active state from the beginning of the day and you will subconsciously be more active.
  3. Refill a glass of water every hour – This is killing two birds with one stone. You will keep your body hydrated while also preventing yourself from sitting for too long.
  4. Go on walks after work – After work, make sure you go on walks everyday you will see results within a few weeks.
  5. Don’t be lazy – this your health and your body, no one else can take care of it.

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