Getting sick can be a burden on yourself and every one else around you.

We must actively take steps to prevent ourselves from getting sick especially in a time like this where people can be even more vulnerable to the coronavirus.

Here are some tips from Wikihow that you can follow to boost your immune system and prevent yourself from falling ill.

  1. Cut calories – believe it or not eating 25% less than what you normally would results in better health. It’s important to not starve yourself, simply eat a little less than average.
  2. Take immune boosting vitamins – We recommend speaking to your doctor before doing this however most people can benefit from vitamins.
  3. Spend time outdoors – Being healthy isn’t rocket science. Go outside and exercise or go on a casual walk under the sun and give your body the sunlight it deserves.
  4. Eat healthy – Your body makes new cells from what you put into it. So the expression “you are what you eat” is technically true.

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