Watch out for this.

High cholesterol effect many people around the world. Although some may not know that they have it, there are signs of high cholesterol that can show if one does. These signs show up on specific parts of the body including the face.

When a person has very high cholesterol levels a certain type of rash will be seen forming around different parts of the body. This can include yellow dots around the eyes, a gray ring around the iris of the eyes, and cholesterol deposits in the tendons. Experts say that this will most likely occur for someone who has had lifelong cholesterol issues.

If a person lets their cholesterol worsen, several negative health effects will occur. A person will be prone to kidney diseases, diabetes, thyroid abnormalities, lupus, arthritis, and many more. If one encounters any of these they should check their cholesterol levels to see if that is what is causing the health effect. If one continues to let their cholesterol level worsen, they will show signs of breathing problems which shows that they are developing heart disease because of their cholesterol levels.

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