Years of wear and tear on the body can do some serious damage to the rotator cuff. Whether rotator cuff pain comes from sports, accidents, or just being overworked, it need to be fixed.

Here’s what you can do thanks to Wikihow:

Give your shoulders some rest

Keeps your arms below your shoulders as much as possible try to sleep on your back with your arms by your side at night. This will ensure your shoulders aren’t put under unneeded stress.

Use an ice pack

placing an ice pack on your shoulder will greatly decease pain and inflammation. You can place an ice pack for 20 minutes at a time and do it up to four times per day.

Take a hot bath or shower

a hot bath and shower can greatly relax your muscles and tendons.

Maintain good posture

Having bad posture can cause further stress to your shoulders and is not recommended. Always maintain proper posture to avoid further shoulder damage.