Here are the details…

Researchers from the University of Cambridge are now working with a new artificial intelligent algorithm which can diagnose people with dementia years before they actually develop it! What is even better is that the dementia can be diagnosed in just a single day compared to months.

According to IFLScience, trial lead Timothy Rittman said, “Traditionally, when we look at patient scans we are looking for patterns to be able to help us exclude things like strokes and brain tumors. The computer can do this much more comprehensively than any human.”

The algorithm works by looking at the brain scans of a patient and comparing them to thousands of other brain scans of people with dementia to recognize a pattern.

“If we intervene early, the treatments can kick in early,” Zoe Kourtzi, who developer of the algorithm, told the BBC. “[We can] slow down the progression of the disease and at the same time avoid more damage … it’s likely that symptoms occur much later in life or may never occur.”

There is still a lot of research to be done before this treatment can come to your local doctors office or hospital but signs are looking good.