Here’s what happened…

Scientists in the University of Pennsylvania were looking for a new treatment for type 2 diabetes when they accidentally discovered that the chemical they were using made mice literally “sweat out” their body fat.

According to IFLScience, researchers gave mice thymic stromal lymphopoietin (TSLP) and soon after noticed the mice were covered in a slimy substance. After further examination, they learned that the mice were sweating fat out of their bodies!

“They glistened in the light,” said associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania Taku Kambayashi to Inverse.

“The ones that got TSLP [the treatment] they’re always shiny, and I didn’t know what that meant.” 

“When they were losing that much weight, they were, I would say, slimy, almost,” he added.

While this discovery was made completely by accident, this isn’t the first time a new drug was discovered by accident. Drugs such as penicillin and even Viagra were discovered purely by accident.

Will this new discovery ever make it your local pharmacy so people can just take a pill and literally sweat off excess body fat? It is way too soon to tell, but it is certainly a very interesting new discovery.