Stand tall again!

Whether you believe it or not, most Americans have bad posture and a majority of them don’t know it. Having posture that is even slight off can cause dramatic back and neck problems later in life and should be corrected early on.

Having better posture doesn’t just help your back and neck, it can also prevent issues in your hips, knees and ankles!

Here are 3 exercises from Eating Well that will have your posture fixed in no time!


One of the most common exercises in the world is also super beneficial for your posture! Planking will not only strengthen your core muscles it will also improve your posture. Planking targets your lower back and upper body and should be done daily try to hold the plank as long as possible without hurting yourself!

Image credit: PixaHive

Glute Bridges

This exercise will greatly improve your hips and pelvis alignment while also strengthening your glutes and prevent future lower back pain and improved posture. It is recommended that you do 3 sets for 20 reps each.

Image credit: Wikimedia

Standing Lat Pulls

Standing Lat Pulls will quickly strengthen your back and also stretch your chest and shoulders! this will reverse years of damage done by being hunched over at your desk staring at computers and cell phones.

Watch this demonstration from Miranda Gibson Fitness to learn how:

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