A little or a lot?

People often tend to forget just how important sunscreen is when you are out in the sun. Did you know that 9,500 people a day are diagnosed with skin cancer in America? And more than 2 people are dying every hour due to skin cancer.

We shouldn’t take skin cancer lightly. So do you know how much sunscreen you should be using when out in the sun?

According to Healthline, Americans should use one ounce of sunscreen for their entire body or enough sunscreen to fill up a single shot glass.

We know it’s difficult to visualize how much an ounce of sunscreen is, so your best is to imagine how much could fit in a shot glass or if you are really serious about your sunscreen, just squirt some into a shot glass before applying it. Just make sure you don’t drink alcohol out of it right after.

Make sure to never forget covering your face, back, and neck because those areas usually receive the most sunlight. Also, make sure your sunscreen protects against both UVA and UVB rays and is at least 30+ SPF.

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