Many people in the United States often suffer from leg numbness for a number of reasons. Some have developed the numbness from sitting for too long at a desk job. Others develop numbness from poor sleeping habits.

Here is what you should do according to Wikihow if you suffer from leg numbness:

Figure out why you’re having numbness

Whether it be through the help of a doctor or simply trying to analyze at home why you have numbness, the key to solving the issue is figuring out why you have numbness in the first place.

Massage your legs often

Gently rub the location of numbness in your legs using a circular motion to help alleviate the numbness. Do not massage yourself too forcefully to avoid bruising.

Wear Loose Clothing

One problem many people tend to not realize is that tight fitting clothing can often cut off circulation. If you are feeling leg numbness be sure to check and see if your clothing is too tight or you are wearing your belt to tightly as well. Socks and stockings that are too tight can also cause leg numbness.

Get up and move around

Sitting in one place for too long can often cause leg numbness. Make sure you regularly stand up and move around and also frequently stretch your legs if needed.

Take vitamin supplements

One other reason for leg numbness is that you could be missing out on important vitamins. Take a daily multivitamin after consulting with your doctor first to ensure your body is getting the good minerals it needs.

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