Over 125 million people across the world suffer from psoriasis and the issue can continue to get worse if not properly taken care of.

If you have psoriasis make sure you follow these steps from Everyday Health to help control your pesky skin condition:

Avoid long showers

Showering and bathing for too long forces your skin to lose it’s moisture. Try to shower just once daily and not longer than 5-6 minutes of possible.

Use warm NOT hot water

The hotter the water is, the drier it will make your skin. Avoid showering in hot water to prevent more irritation from your psoriasis.

Switch to coal tar soap

The ingredients which make up coal tar soap naturally fight the grow of psoriasis on your skin. Warning: while coal tar does work wonders for most people some people’s skin might not react beneficially to coal tar and your skin could become red and irritated. Discontinue use if that happens or speak to your doctor.

Dab your body dry with a towel do not scrub

This one is simple, however many people often forget that it’s best to dab the body dry rather than rub is aggressively with a towel. This will cause your psoriasis to become irritated and worse.

Always apply lotion after baths and showers

Everyone’s skin needs moisture especially those with psoriasis. Speak to your doctor about which lotion or cream is best suited for your skin and make sure to apply often.

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