Whether you are a gym rat or someone who like to workout only once in a while, you can always learn something new.

Here are some tips from Life Hacker to consider next time you hit the gym.

Don’t avoid the gym if you are a little sore

We all know what being sore feels like after a good long workout. However, try to remember that you are sore because you haven’t worked out in a long time. If you take long gaps between workouts your body will never stop being sore every time you work out again. Unless the soreness is debilitating try to power through it and keep going to the gym.

Never doing any cardio exercises

This is a problem that men tend to face more than women. Strength training is essential and whole lot more fun than doing cardio such as running. However, it is important to remember that you are going to the gym to stay healthy and cardio is extremely beneficial for the heart.

Too many days off

If you are serious about fitness, make sure you have a workout schedule and follow it religiously. If you decide to take the weekend off and get back to the gym on Monday, you may be surprised when you realize you have lost motivation and don’t want to go back.

Don’t believe in pseudoscience

This one is a tricky one. When you speak to friends and family, everyone will have advice about dieting and exercise with little to no proof to show for it. Fitness isn’t complicated. Depending on your goals, keep it simple. If you want to lose weight, diet and exercise. Focus on fat burning exercises and cardio. If you want to gain muscle eat more calories and lift heavy often. It’s that simple, just stay dedicated and do your reseatch.