Try to avoid doing this after 60.

If you are reaching 60 or older and you continue to regularly exercise give yourself a long pat on the back because that is incredible. As people age they tend to give up on exercise but sadly it is when you typically need to do it the most.

Here are some exercise habits you should avoid if you are 60 or older thanks to Eat This:

Stop working out at night

Later in life, good sleep becomes extremely important and if you typically exercise at night you can disrupt your sleep cycle. Not getting enough sleep can make smaller health problems much worse and you need to do your best to get enough sleep.

No heavy weightlifting

When you are 60 or older you need to focus more on maintaining your body. As you age your bone density can begin to weaken and pushing yourself to the limit can lead to fractures or worse.

While weight lifting is critical, you shouldn’t push yourself to do any extreme weightlifting like someone in their 20’s or 30’s would. Moderate weightlifting is the goal.

Do not become dehydrated!

Drinking water is important for people at any stage of life. However, older people can quickly become more dehydrated than others so always stay properly hydrated.

Don’t forget to walk daily

regularly walking is absolutely essential when you are older. It will keep you sharp, increase your lifespan, and will make your heart stronger. Research has proven time and time again that people over 60 who walk more tend to live longer.