The more you know!

Do you ever get cravings for something salty? Most people would say yes but do you know what it actually means?

Here are some reasons that you could be getting salt cravings thanks to Life Hacker:


When we are dehydrated, the sodium in our body wants more water to balance everything out. So next time you are craving something salty remember to drink a glass or two of water.

Excessive sweating

When you sweat your body naturally loses sodium also known as electrolytes.

Addison’s disease 

According to Life Hacker, “Addison’s disease is caused by our body not making enough hormones. It can develop as a result of an autoimmune disorder, tuberculosis, certain fungal or bacterial infections, problems with the pituitary gland, or if you recently stopped taking long-term steroid medications.


Some studies suggest that when we are stressed our bodies crave salt as a coping mechanism because excess sodium could lead to less cortisol better known as the stress hormone.

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