Don’t be salty.

Sodium better known as salt is essential for healthy bodily function but can become life threatening if eaten in large amounts continuously throughout life.

It is recommended that adults should consume no more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium daily.

Here are some early signs that your body is telling you it’s time to stop thanks to Eat This:

Your Body Might Retain Water

Do you feel bloated of puffy after eating something salty? This is your body retaining water and it is your kidney’s trying to dissolve the excess sodium.

Feeling Thirstier Than Usual

When you consume something very high in sodium, your body will begin to crave water and your mouth will even feel more dry.

Blood Pressure Could Rise

Foods that are rich in sodium will cause a greater volume of blood be pumped through your veins and arteries.

Risk Of Heart Disease will Increase

There is some research that claims high salt consumption can lead to heart disease caused the rise in blood pressure.