Don’t do these things to stay looking younger.

Let’s be real, nobody wants to look older and sadly there is nothing we can do to stop aging. But, there are some very important steps you can to take to slow the aging process and overall look younger as well.

Here are some tips thanks to Being lazy

Spending too much time sitting around and even staring at a computer screen for extended periods of time will age you very quickly. If that isn’t bad enough, sitting around on the couch or laying in bed when you aren’t sleeping will contribute to health problems such as heart disease or worse.

Not getting good sleep

When you have had a bad nights rest most of your family and friends will quickly be able to tell. Your eyes will be red, your skin will look pale and not fresh and you will generally feel worse overall. If this continues to happen and becomes a normal thing, you will eventually look much older than you really are.

Forgetting to use sunscreen

The UV rays from sunlight will irreversibly damage your skin and leave you looking 10 years older than what you actually are. Always remember to apply sunscreen when in the sun for extended periods of time.

Consuming too much sugar

Believe it or not, some researchers have found that eating excess sugar can lead to the development of premature wrinkles because it will damage collagen and elastin.

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