Depending on your age and health status, some exercises may be too difficult to do. Because of this people often turn to yoga instead because it is low impact and can help with flexibility.

According to Today, here are 4 easy poses that you can do to help tone your body and build muscle as well:


Image by Viktor Ristic from Pixabay

If you are new to planking, you may think it is easy. However, many who have been planking for a long time know how beneficial and difficult it can be when you hold for a long period of time. Begin by holding for 10 seconds and try to do 3 sets.

Tree pose

While this pose may look simple enough, it requires a lot of balance and core body strength. Attempt to hold for 30 seconds on longer.

Triangle Pose

This pose will strengthen your core as well and your hips and thighs. Hold the pose for 10 seconds then move to the other side.

Hands and knees balance

This pose works your entire core including the abs, glutes, and back. Beginners should hold for 5 seconds then alternate.

Good luck and remember to stay safe!

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