Which Day of the Week do more People have Heart Attacks?

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To no one’s surprise, statistics show that Mondays—especially Monday mornings—are when most heart attacks occur. Why is that? It seems that Monday-morning stress can elevate cortisol levels. Cortisol is also known as the “stress hormone.” Increased levels can prompt blood vessels to constrict, which can cause built-up cholesterol plaque to dislodge and obstruct blood flow to the heart.

Which day of the week do more people have heart attacks?
Avocados help prevent diabetes.

Coffee – Popular Beverage Improves Heart Health

Keeping the heart healthy is very important for the body. This can help the body and the heart improve.

Coffee is very beneficial for the body and the heart. Coffee can improve heart health and keep diseases away from it. This beverage can help the body in many other ways as well.

Experts recommend that individuals drink coffee to improve heart health.