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Did You Know?

  • Fish:
    The Omega3 and Vitamin D are rich in fish like salmon and tuna. Few researchers have proven that Omega3 not only help you to avoid cardiovascular diseases but it also helps you in preventing hearing loss by significantly improving the coordination between the brain and ears. Fish is also a rich source of Vitamin D that strengthens the bones. By consuming fish on a regular basis, Vitamin D improves the strength of the bones that are available in the inner ears.
  • Dark Chocolate:
    Dark Chocolate is the real sweet music to the ears. It is rich with Zinc, which is essential to maintain better immunity. Eating dark chocolate will protect the ears from the regular ear infections while enhancing the cell-growth. However, consult your doctor before including it in your diet as dark chocolate in your regular diet is not advisable in the presence of few health conditions, especially diabetes.