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According to Medical News Today, the life expectancy in America increased by nine years from 1960-2015. This is due to oxygen supply to tissues.

One study stated that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help restore immune cells in older adults. Another study said that red blood cells react to conditions with low oxygen by delivering more oxygen to tissues.

New research with mice by the University of Texas McGovern Medical School has found that the adenosine receptor A2B removes some of the effects that come with aging. “Our finding immediately highlights that enhancing O2 [oxygen] delivery mediated by ADORA2B signaling is likely a new rejuvenating approach,” Dr. Yang Xia stated.

“Our findings reveal that the red blood cell ADORA2B signaling cascade combats early onset of age-related decline in cognition, memory and hearing by promoting oxygen delivery in mice and immediately highlight multiple new rejuvenating targets,” says Dr. Xia. Although the experiment has yet to be tested on humans, there is a strong indication that ADORA2B levels may slow down aging.