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many have searched for way to add on to their lives. They have found many exercises and activities that help with healthy aging. Now, this diet has been linked to increasing life expectancy in many adults. Researchers found that these food combinations add more than 3 years to a person’s life.

The diet that was given to the participants of the research had nine ounces of liver and five to 10 eggs each week. Each participant also had two cups of dark leafy greens, two cups of cruciferous vegetables, three cups of colorful vegetables, and one or two beets each day. This provided a very healthy diet for the participants in the 8 week trial.

The participants also had four tablespoons of pumpkin seeds and four tablespoons of sunflower seeds everyday to ensure their health stays in good shape. The participants were also told to have one serving of methylation adaptogens daily. This could include half a teaspoon of rosemary, half a teaspoon of turmeric, two medium cloves of garlic, two cups of green tea, or three cups of oolong tea.

The diet also had a recommendation of having “healthy” oils with each meal. This ensured that the body did not have any negative effects with the meal.

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