Too much beer is obviously a bad thing, here are some surprising health benefits to make you feel less guilty next time you have a drink!

While beer should only be consumed in moderation and not at all if you have a history of alcohol related problems, here are some benefits thanks to Piedmont Healthcare.

1. Beer has more nutrients than other types of alcohol.

Beer contains many nutrients such as iron, calcium, phosphates and even fiber. 

2. Beer can help protect your heart.

Some studies have suggested that people who moderately drink beer suffer less hearts attacks, strokes, and heart disease than those who dont.

3. Beer helps in preventing kidney stones.

Studies have also suggested that adults who drink beer tend to develop less kidney stones that people who don’t.

4. Beer lowers bad cholesterol.

5. Beer strengthens your bones.

Because beer has high silicon content, studies have suggested that the dietary silicon can help build stronger bones and connective tissue.

6. Beer helps reduce stress.

Scientists claim that consuming two glasses of beer and ease work-related stress. However, it is important to remember that longterm use of alcohol will contribute to depression and anxiety.

7. Beer may help improve memory.

8. Beer helps cognitive function.

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