This is surprising!

As we age our joints, bones, and muscles tend to lose the able to keep up with the vigorous movements required to be able to get an effective workout session in. For example, many elderly individuals lose the ability to do something as simple as jogging because of excessive knee and joint pain.

Well if you are in that age range and are looking for a workout to help you burn belly fat while also keeping it low impact on bones and joints, we have found the most effective workout for you!

New research has found that Tai Chi, an exercise/martial art which is slow and extremely low impact on the joints and body, is very effective at lowering the waistline.

According to Fit and Well, “The University of California studied 543 participants which were randomly assigned to three different groups: one control group with no exercise, conventional aerobic exercise and strength training, and a tai chi group. At the end of the 12-week study, the results showed Tai Chi “mirrors the beneficial effects of conventional exercise” resulting in just as big of a decrease in waist circumference.”

Slimming of the waistline isn’t the only benefit, Tai Chi also benefits in coordination, maintaining mobility, and works the core, glutes and hamstrings.

If you have tried working out and have had problems sticking to the workout plan, Tai Chi may be the low impact exercise you have been looking for.

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