Ever wondered when it isn’t wine o’clock?

If you are like most Americans, you like to have a nice glass of wine from time to time and that’s perfectly fine!

However, did you know that there are some times when you simply shouldn’t drink wine for health reasons?

Here is when you should consider avoiding wine thanks the the folks over at Eat This:

When your are stressed and upset

The first thing many people want to do is pour themselves a nice glass of wine they they are stressed, upset, and feeling anxious. However, drinking to deal with problems can be a very slippery slope which often leads people to addiction problems.

Alcohol should never be used to deal with personal and life problems.

Just before bed

Drinking wine just before bed actually causes a drop in blood sugar.

Drinking any alcohol just before bed actually causes people to have poor sleep quality because the liver continues to work which interrupts your sleep cycle.

Before and after exercise

Drinking before exercise is horrible idea to begin with and nobody should do it if they want to have an effective workout.

It is also important not to drink alcohol immediately after a workout as well because alcohol’s such as wine act as a diuretic and can lead to dehydration.

Always make sure you well hydrated before and after exercise.