There might be good news!

If you are worried about one day having a cholesterol problem, eating walnuts may be the solution for you.

According to Medical News Today, following a 2-year study, participants who ate half a cup of walnuts daily had lower LDL cholesterol from when they started the study.

Additionally, the people who participated in the study have overall decrease in total cholesterol.

However, Dr. Sanjiv Patel warned not to replace any medicines such as statins with nuts. Dr. Patel said the decrease of cholesterol was not enough to help those who suffer from high cholesterol problems. “There is a reduction in their [cholesterol] profile but not to the level of what you get taking statins. So people who are at a significant risk of heart disease or have heart disease already should not substitute statins for nuts. They can, in addition, take the nuts to add to the benefit but not replace it.”

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